Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I connect my keyboard to my PC to be able to analyse my performances in Gigajam Analyser?

    There are detailed istruction in our Getting Started section.

  2. Gigajam Analyser won’t open and only shows an error message.

    If you are running Gigajam Analyser on a windows PC then you need Microsoft’s .NET framework. You should install the latest version which can be found here.

    If you are running Gigajam Analyser on Apple then you need Mono Framework. You should install the latest version which can be found here.

  3. Does Gigajam work on Intel Macs as well as Power PCs?

    Gigajam works on Apple on Mac OS X 10.3 Tiger or higher.

    Gigajam software works on both Intel and Power PC Macs. The Mono framework is now a universal binary and will install on either and run natively. Xtractor and Analyser have been tested and found to be working perfectly under Rosetta.

  4. How do you interpret the analysis in Gigajam Analyser?

    A red note is basically either the wrong note, or it is the correct note but either much too late, or much too early. Black is perfect. Green is nigh on perfect, yellow is fine, orange is alright. Red though needs to be looked at carefully and reviewed.

    The analysis table is shown on the left hand side of your Analyser screen. If you have the wrong note then it will automatically be red. However, the analyser, analyses three things: the position of the note, the length of the note and the note’s pitch.

    The green, yellow, and orange essential measure the timing of your note, so if you are yellow and before the note (to the left of the note on the lesson stave), then you have played a little bit early. If the note is orange and to the right of the note on the lesson stave, then you are playing after the beat.

  5. My Gigajam Analyser comes up blank every time I record?

    Check that you are recording into Xtractor. The simplest way to establish that you have your connections correctly set up is by ensuring that you can see the LED moving in ‘your performance’. You can see that by opening the mixer with the button on the bottom right hand corner of Xtractor.

  6. My Xtractor is not receiving a signal in ‘Your performance’ .

    If you don’t have a signal in your Xtractor you can quickly go through this simple checklist for connectivity:

    1. Ensure that you have your MIDI in and MIDI out cables connected to the correct MIDI ports.
    2. Make sure you have selected the correct MIDI out device in the SET UP dialogue box on your Xtractor.
    3. Ensure you have installed the correct drivers for your MIDI interface and that it is plugged in to the correct USB port.